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2013 Ford Mustang To Receive Facelift, More Power


2012 Ford Mustang BOSS 302

2012 Ford Mustang BOSS 302

We recently reported that the next-generation Ford Mustang won’t be bowing in until sometime in 2014, coming onto the market as a 2015 model.

That means the current generation Ford Mustang, and its aging platform, will have to soldier on for almost three whole years.

However, according to a new report, a facelifted version is due in the interim. This facelifted Mustang is expected to arrive as a 2013 model, and the good news is that we could see the car unveiled as early as this November’s 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show.

A heavily revised front-end will be key to keeping the Mustang popular for a few more years, with influences from its Shelby GT500 cousin expected to feature. Things like a protruding upper grille, and a smaller lower intake are expected, as is LED detailing.

The rear tail lights are also expected to get a flat design instead of the angled look first seen on the 2010 Ford Mustang.

As for the powertrain lineup, the current 3.7-liter V-6 and 5.0-liter V-8 should remain, though they will reportedly produce slightly more power than their respective 305 and 412 horsepower outputs.

Note, many of the changes featuring in this facelift will apply for the Shelby Mustang GT500 as well, which we previously reported would get a kick in horsepower to somewhere between 570 and 620 horsepower.

We’ll keep you posted as news on the 2013 Ford Mustang breaks.


First Look: 2012 Ford Mustang

Lava Red Metallic Exterior and a Few Other Changes

By , Guide

2012 Ford Mustang GT

2012 Mustang GT Premium shown in Grabber Blue.

Photo Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

The Ford Mustang returns in 2012, relatively unchanged. For the most part, the car is exactly the same as its 2011 counterpart. In addition to a new exterior color option, Lava Red Metallic, and the deletion of Sterling Gray Metallic, Ford will offer a few new takes on the previous year's model.

For instance, buyers will find the universal garage door opener standard on select premium models, sun visors with a storage system will become standard equipment, as will illuminated vanity mirrors. The specially tuned EPAS (Electric Power Assist Steering) system will now also come with three modes; comfort, normal and sport. Most importantly, buyers will have the option of purchasing a new Boss 302 Special-edition Mustang this year. A special Boss 302 Laguna Seca model is also available. The company will also offer a track only Cobra Jet Mustang.

New Features

  • Special Boss Edition Mustang Available
  • New Lava Red Metallic Exterior Color
  • Universal Garage Door Opener Standard on Select Premium Models
  • Sun Visors with built-in Storage System Standard Equipment
  • Illuminated Vanity Mirrors Standard Equipment

The 5.0L "Coyote" and 305 Horsepower 3.7L V6 Return

The 2012 Mustang lineup will once again feature the 5.0L Ti-VCT Coyote V8 engine, producing up to 412 horsepower and 390 lb.-ft of torque, as well as the 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 engine which is capable of producing up to 305 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. of torque. Meanwhile, the special-edition Boss 302 Mustang will feature a 5.0L Hi-Po Ti-VCT V8 engine outputting 444 horsepower and 380 lb.-ft. of torque. The 2012 Shelby GT500 Mustang returns with its 5.4L Supercharged 4V Ti-VCT V8 Engine producing 550 horsepower and 510 lb.-ft. of torque. That, folks, is fast.

In the realm of gas mile, the automatic V6 Mustang will once again offer 19 city/31 hwy EPA-estimated, while the automatic GT Mustang offers 18 city/25 hwy EPA-estimated miles per gallon. The Boss 302 offers 17 city/26 hwy EPA-estimated, while the Shelby GT500 returns at 15 city/23 hwy EPA-estimated miles per gallon. (Additional 2012 Figures)

The Shelby GT500 and Boss 302 Mustang are only available with a manual transmission, while buyers of the V6 and GT can opt for either a manual or an automatic.

Modifications and Options

As with 2011, the Mustang will be offered with a variety of options for the 2012 model year. For starters, buyers can opt for the base model V6 & GT, or step up to the Premium V6 and Premium GT models. The V6 Premium package includes Ambient lighting, 6-gauge cluster with Mycolor, while the GT Premium package offers a Shaker 500 audio system, and voice activated SYNC, in addition to other items.

From there, some optional upgrades include Ford's SYNC System, a Shaker 1000 Audio System, Glass Roof (with stone interior) on select models, Rearview camera, SVT Performance Package, and a Reverse Sensing System with security package.

Meanwhile, a new Lava Red interior will be available on Premium V6 and Premium GT Mustangs. It will feature a black interior environment with Lava Red doors inserts & leather seat inserts.

Mustang Packages

The V6 Performance package will return, although it is not available with the new Lava Red Metallic exterior color. The Mustang Club of America edition package will return, as will the V6 Pony Package which features 18-inch wheels, a unique grille, and various other items. Buyers can also opt for a Comfort package featuring heated front seats, and an Electronics package which includes voice activated navigation with SIRIUS Travel Link, HD radio, and dual-zone automatic temperature controls. An optional HID Headlamps & Security Package comes with HID Headlamps, Active anti-theft system, and a wheel locking kit. The California Special Mustang package will also return in 2012. A Brembo brakes package is available for buyers of the GT Mustang.

Mustang Pricing

Folks will be happy to hear pricing has been reduced on the base model GT. The 2012 base GT model will cost $500 less than the 2011 model, at $29,995 (including an $850 destination charge). Meanwhile, the Premium GT model will cost $200 more than last year $33,895(including $850 destination charge), while the Premium GT Convertible $38,895 (including $850 destination charge) is $700 more than its 2011 model counterpart.

As for the V6, a base coupe will start at $22,995 (including $850 destination charge), while the base V6 Convertible will start at $27,995 (including $850 destination charge).

The 2012 Boss 302 will start at $40,995 (including $850 destination charge), while the Shelby GT500 will start at $49,495 (including $850 destination charge).


Bristol Golden Giveaway 2011 BMS 50th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang


By Jonathan Lamas, Guide  March 22, 2011

Everyone loves getting something for nothing. Even more so when it's a sharp looking Mustang. Bristol Motor Speedway, Scotts EZ Seed, and Ford, are giving fans the chance to win the official 2011 BMS 50th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang pace car, plus a pallet of Scotts EZ Seed product, as part of their Bristol Golden Giveaway.

The sweepstakes honors the Speedway's 50th anniversary. The Mustang features a number of upgrades, including a custom metallic gold paint job, Ford Racing wheels, Goodyear Eagle F1 tires, and a power exhaust upgrade.

For more info, visit the Official Bristol Golden Giveaway site.


Street Car Speed Record Set by David Ragan in a Mustang

By Jonathan Lamas, Guide  March 22, 2011

In recent news, NASCAR driver David Ragan set a street car speed record in a 2011 Ford Mustang GT after the recent NASCAR Nationwide Series race. According to reports,  Regan set the record for fastest passenger car with a lap of 98.497 mph at 19.481 seconds at Bristol Motor Speedway. He was taking part in an event named "World's Fastest Half-Mile Speed Trials". His time is a world record for a passenger car. The fact that he set the record in a Mustang doesn't surprise me!



Product Review: GT Styling Headlight Covers

Easy Mod Turns Your Mustang into a Dark Horse

GT Styling Headlight Cover Packaging

GT Styling Headlight Cover Packaging

Photo © Jonathan P. Lamas
A simple, and common, modification made by many Mustang owners looking to showcase their car at a car show is the addition of smoked headlight covers. These plastic covers give the car a stealthy appearance and also protect the headlamps from road debris. Installation is basic, and the cost is generally inexpensive. A popular distributor of these headlight covers is GTS Innovative Plastic Products. Their headlight covers are available in a variety of different styles for a wide range of cars, trucks, and SUVs.


  • Retail Cost: $69.99
  • Model Number: GTS-Xenon GT0241S
  • Snap-On Mounting Install/No Drilling Required

GT Styling’s GTS-Xenon GT0241S headlight covers are designed for 2005-2009 Ford Mustang GT and V6 models which feature stock headlights. It’s important to note, these covers will not fit the Shelby GT500 Mustang. For demonstration purposes, I installed this kit on my 2008 Bullitt Mustang. Although I ordered the smoked headlight covers, the company also offers Carbon and Clear lens colors.

Installation: How it Works

The Finished Product

The Finished Product

Photo © Jonathan P. Lamas
Installing these headlight covers was a breeze. I completed the entire job in less than 10 minutes. Here’s a review of the install process.
  1. The kit comes with two covers. Remove them from the packaging and lay them out so they are easily accessible.
  2. Clean the back side of the lens covers so they are free of any blemishes when you put them on the car.
  3. Open your Mustang’s hood for easy access to the front headlamps.
  4. Clean your front headlamps to ensure they are free of any spots or blemishes.
  5. Insert bottom of the lens tab between the light trim assembly and the lower light trim. Then tilt the cover upward.
  6. Clip the top of the cover over the headlight assembly. The cover should hold firmly in place. If it does not, readjust.
  7. Clean the exterior of the lens cover to remove any hand prints and spots.
  8. Close the hood. Installation is complete.
The company strongly recommends you check your local laws regarding lens covers on cars. In some states, it’s illegal to operate a vehicle equipped with these covers on public roads. It’s also important to note these lens covers will reduce your headlamp coverage and range at night. In all, these covers were designed for use on show cars.

GT Styling Headlight Covers: The Final Take

No doubt, this was a very basic modification. I completed the install in less than 10 minutes without any tools or assistance required. I was impressed with the snug fit of these lens covers on my Mustang. I expected them to give slightly, due to the fact they are a snap on accessory. To my surprise, they fit nice and snug.

Unfortunately, they do have a tendency to loosen up during freeway driving. If you plan on taking your Mustang to the track, take these covers off before you leave the pits. I also recommend taking them off for road trips and other long haul adventures. Regardless of the speeds you drive, I strongly recommend checking the covers often to make sure they are properly attached to the headlamps. As mentioned before, these covers were designed to be used on cars that are not in motion.

All things considered, would I recommend these covers to a friend? Most definitely. Why? Well, install is basic, cost is minimal, and they really improve the look of the car. My Bullitt Mustang was designed to be stealthy. You can clearly see the difference before and after the install. These headlight covers really kick things up a notch.

Where to Buy

Many retailers carry the GT Styling brand of headlight covers. I purchased mine from AmericanMuscle.Com for $54.99, which included free standard shipping. The company also offers these covers for 1987-2004 model year Mustangs. To learn more about this product, visit the company’s official Website.




Product Review: Mustang Logo Caps® Gift Set

Little Things Can Make All the Difference


Mustang Logo Caps® Gift Set

Mustang Logo Caps® Gift Set

Over the holidays I received a Logo Caps® Gift Set featuring the Ford Mustang pony emblem. The set includes 4 valve stem caps and a chrome key fob-wrench/key chain. This officially licensed Logo Caps® Valve Stem Cap Set is produced by The Vintage Group, Inc. (TVG, Inc.) of Chandler, Ariz. In all, the company offers more than 153 different logo sets for vehicles such as the Corvette, Jeep, and the Hummer. They also offer other Mustang sets featuring different variations of the Shelby Cobra logo.

The Set

Upon opening the gift set, I found 4 ABS chrome valve stem caps featuring the Pony logo on a red, white, and blue background. The set also contained a key chain with a built in wrench designed to assist in removing or tightening the valve stem caps. To be honest, I doubt I’d ever use the wrench to remove or tighten the caps (it’s easier doing this by hand), but it’s an interesting concept. While the stem caps felt somewhat plastic, the key chain was solid in design. Regardless, both looked nice.

Installing the valve stem caps was easy peezy. I mean really, you unscrew the old caps and replace each one with the new Logo cap. Potential buyers, this is probably one of the easiest modifications you’ll ever make to your Mustang.

The Final Take: Mustang Logo Caps® Gift Set

Mustang Logo Caps® Gift Set

Mustang Logo Caps® Gift Set

Photo © Jonathan P. Lamas
After installing the valve stem caps, I took a step back to check out the finished product. Although subtle, this little addition really does enhance the Mustang. To be honest, I never gave much thought to my air valve caps before receiving this set. They’re black, they’re small, and they’re not to be lost. My level of exposure was limited to taking them off to check my air pressure and putting them back on until the next check. The Logo caps add a bit of life to this area of the Mustang. Best of all, they look great with my 18-inch Ford pony rims. I’d recommend this product to any Mustang enthusiast looking for an added touch. They’re a deal for less than $20. In fact, some online retailers offer the gift set for less than $10.

For more information about the Mustang Logo Caps® Gift Set, shop here.




Saleen Mustang Production to End

By Jonathan Lamas, Guide  March 9, 2011

Yesterday it was announced that Saleen Performance Vehicles, founded in 1983, will end production at the end of the third quarter, 2011. If you recall, the company has had many ups and downs over the years. Saleen's parent company, Revstone Industries, said Saleen will focus on aftermarket parts in the future. These parts are available through its Speedlab division.

In an interview with Oakland Press, Bob LaCourciere, president of Revstone Aftermarket said, "The teams responsible for engineering and development of Saleen bring a level of engineering prowess and passion that is second to none. We want to apply that same talent and dedication to second-stage manufacturing."

Meanwhile, Steve Saleen, the original founder of Saleen Performance Vehicles, will continue making cars at his new company, SMS Supercars.



by: Rex Roy
Are you familiar with the saying, "Flying under the radar?" Military pilots coined the phrase to describe how they evaded being detected by enemy radar. The technique is to fly so close to the ground that their adversary's radar waves pass over their aircraft.

Whether you're a habitual speeder or a law-abiding citizen who wants to avoid getting caught in a local revenue-enhancing speed trap, the following could help you figuratively fly under police radar. Even if you're a responsible driver, avoiding tickets makes good financial sense. Fines for tickets are skyrocketing. Like many states under financial duress, California raised its traffic ticket fines in January 6: A speeding ticket for 1-15 mph over the limit now costs a minimum of $214!

Radar and Laser Basics

Police radar and laser speed-tracking units work on similar principles explained in this story. An officer "fires" a burst of radio waves or light waves toward your vehicle. Your vehicle reflects those waves back to the radar or laser "gun." A computer in the gun measures the time and/or frequency of the reflected signal to calculate

Decrease Your Reflective Image

Radar and laser speed traps are often set up to track vehicle that are less than 1000 feet from an officer. To reduce your chances of being "shot," you can reduce the radar profile of the vehicle you drive.

First, size matters. A truck or SUV is a bigger target than a tiny sports car. A shiny vertical chrome grill on a semi truck can reflect a radar beam back to an officer from as far away as a mile. Extra chrome trim on the front of your vehicle will likewise make it an easier target to hit with a laser. Know this when you're tempted to speed.

Second, color matters to laser guns. Laser units work by sending out pulses of UV light, so a darker vehicle color will reflect less light back to the laser gun than a bright color. As you'd expect, white vehicles make great laser targets. Vehicle color doesn't impact radar units.

Additionally, if you can legally drive without a front license plate, do so. That flat, reflective surface is the perfect electromagnetic wave reflector.

For those states that require front plates, some companies produce license plate covers that claim to reduce the readability of license plates. The legality of these devices varies widely, and in some locations such as Washington, D.C., can invite the user to a $300 fine. According to "Radar Roy," a retired police officer and current subject-matter expert in speeding countermeasures, many plate covers are worthless. Ditto for license plate sprays. Don't waste your money.

However, in an interview with AOL Autos (and on his website,, Radar Roy explained that there is something else you can do to decrease your vehicle's laser reflectivity. "We've tested a wax-like coating called Veil Stealth Coating. Brushed on to headlight lenses and shiny surfaces at the front of a vehicle, independent tests show that it cuts the distance of laser tracking by 50- to 73-percent."

Future Advances

The technology war between cops and speeders shows no signs of letting up. According to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, new materials used for photovoltaic cells could also have applications for both radar and laser absorption.

RPI researchers have engineered carbon nanotube arrays to produce super dark absorbers that effectively absorb and trap electromagnetic radiation, including police radar and laser frequencies. The clusters of nanotubes are created using a chemical vapor deposition process and with some clever manufacturing, the end product is a wave-sucking film. In theory, the film could be applied to the front surfaces of vehicles, reducing its reflectivity.

The Best Defense

Independent tests inform ticket avoiders that using the above stealth tips in concert with a modern GPS-enabled radar detector give you the best chance to avoid making a forced contribution to a municipality's cash coffer. While it takes some effort, the results could pay for themselves if they enable you to avoid even one citation. 


The Shelby GT350 Convertible Mustang Returns for 2012

2012 Shelby GT350s

Today, Shelby American took the wraps off their new 2012 Shelby GT350 Mustang lineup at the annual Chicago Auto Show. The big announcement? Well, the company will now offer a limited number of 2012 convertible GT350s in red and blue. This is in addition to their modern day Shelby GT350 coupe which debuted last year. Looking back, Shelby hasn't offered a convertible GT350 since 1970. A limited production of 350 total 2012 GT350s will be built, all at Shelby American in Las Vegas.

"Last year, we brought back the GT350 45 years after it was launched," said Carroll Shelby, founder of Shelby American.  "They look and sound just like the ones we built in 1965.  We're repeating history by offering two additional colors and building a few convertibles for the second year of production."

The two color options are officially called Race Red and Kona Blue; both with white LeMans stripes.

"Delays in the delivery of the new five liter Mustang last year resulted in fewer 45th Anniversary GT350 coupes than expected in the 2011 model year," added John Luft, president of Shelby American.  "For the 2012 model year, we brought back the first GT350 convertible since 1970 and ramped up production to meet the expected demand.  Our plan is to only build 350 total 2012 model year GT350s to maintain exclusivity and future collectability."

The convertible will offer a new optional light bar; other options include a one-piece drive shaft and color coordinated billet aluminum engine cap set.

Source: Shelby American

Photo Courtesy of Shelby American



Famous Bullitt Chase Scene Played Out in a Brand New


Wednesday February 16, 2011

Bullitt Slot Car

If you're a Bullitt fan like me, you probably remember Steve McQueen's Mustang vs. Charger chase sequence like the back of your hand. Good news is we're not alone in our admiration. One dedicated fan in the UK is recreating the famous chase scene, turn-by-turn, using 1/32 scale slot cars on a slot car track designed to resemble the streets of San Francisco.

Although the project is still in the works, you can catch a preview of the footage here. This guy's really got it down. The "movie maker" plans to release the entire sequence later this year.



Bill Ford Jr. Reportedly Confirms EcoBoost Mustang

Wednesday February 16, 2011

Ford Ecoboost Engine

For some time now, we've heard rumor of a Ford Mustang that would be powered by the new EcoBoost engine. Many predicted this engine would debut with the 2010 Mustang. It didn't. Then 2011. A no-show again. Well, according to a report in Jalopnik, Bill Ford Jr. confirmed an EcoBoost Mustang is in the works. The comment was made while speaking to a group of students at Princeton University. A student, who obviously knows his Mustangs, asked the big question. Although Ford didn't give any details, he did say yes, it will happen.  My money is on a Twin-turbo EcoBoost 3.5L V6 Mustang w/340-415 hp.

Source: Jalopnik


What is the Ford EcoBoost Engine?

Reader Questions: How Much Does the EcoBoost Weigh?

Ford Puts V6 EcoBoost to the Test

Photo Courtesy of Ford Motor Company




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