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How to Attend a Car Show

Car collectors and enthusiasts love to show off their cars. Many organizations host car shows just for this purpose. These cars, worth thousands of dollars, are put on display for people to see and talk about. The car enthusiasts that bring their cars to these shows enjoy having people look at their cars and ask questions. But if people do not know how to attend one of these shows, they can cause extensive damage to these cars. These tips will help you to be a responsible attendee at your next car show. Being aware of how you are expected to conduct yourself around these magnificent machines will make the event much more enjoyable for both you and the owners of the cars.

  1. Get there early. This will avoid an over abundance of crowds. The car owners will be fresh and ready to talk about their cars. They love to discuss their cars, but after a long day, they do get tired. Ask a few questions and move on, especially if there is a crowd around that car.

  2. Look and admire. Don’t insult the owner that has put a lot of blood sweat and tears into his or her project. They really don’t want to hear that you would have painted it a different color, or that it‘s not that nice a paint job. It’s not your car. Be polite when you discuss the car with them. Offer compliments, not complaints.

  3. Watch your children. Kids love to run and look and get excited. Never let your kids get close enough to the car to touch it. Little hands leave big fingerprints, and that is an expensive paint job. Lift your child up for them to get a peek inside, being careful not to touch the car.

  4. Don’t get close to the car if you have food or drink in your hands. Even the most careful person can spill something if they get pushed or jostled. If the owner tells you it is okay to look into the interior, hand your food or drink to someone, and wipe your hands off before you go near the car.

  5. Limit the amount of jewelry, bracelets or watches that you wear when you go to a car show. Some shows have the cars roped off for protection, but some allow you to walk around, beside and between the cars. The slightest nick or scratch can ruin the custom paint job on these cars.

  6. Don’t smoke around these cars. Most venues don’t allow it, but if you are out doors it’s probably allowed. Respect the car owners by not getting to close while smoking. Your second hand smoke can drift into the cars interior and leave an odor.

  7. Last, but not least, have fun. The above tips are suggestions, and a Car Show is for everyone so do your part and make it a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone attending!


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